Uic Data Transfer Agreement

responsibility. An AAU should protect confidentiality when necessary, but it should allow for adequate publication and sharing of research results in accordance with UIC guidelines, applicable laws and regulations, and federal requirements. Faculty members and department administrators are not authorized to enter DUAs on behalf of the university, whether the UIC is the recipient or provider of the data. DUAs can be categorized into three categories depending on the nature of the data transferred: Limited Data Set Use Agreement: Necessary for the transfer of personal data containing identifiable patient information within the meaning of HIPAA that can be transmitted to an external party. This information consists of Protected Health Information (PHI) from which the 18 specific identifiers defined by HIPAA have been deleted. Limited datasets are subject to HIPAA rules and are subject to IRB authorization. Identifiable individual agreement on the use of health information: regulates the transfer of information, including demographic information collected by a person that is developed or received by a health care provider, health plan, employer or compensation room for related health care, with respect to physical or mental health or condition, provision of health care, payment for the provision of health care to an identified or potentially identifiable person. The transfer of individually identifiable health data is subject to the IRB authorization. Collective and harmonized agreement, there is no need to negotiate separate bilateral or multilateral agreements. Reduce costs due to the lack of “random sample control”; Train not retained at the transfer site, no additional staff costs for carrying out the transfer inspection. Units may transfer equipment purchased from non-state funds to another university or non-profit organization on a permanent basis when a University of Illinois researcher transfers to another university or non-profit organization. For all transmissions, approvals from the Researcher, Unit Head, College Dean, University Property Accounting and Reporting (UPAR) and the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) are required from the State. Authorization from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) Export Controls Compliance Officer (UIC) or the OVCR Export Compliance Officer (UIUC) is required for export and/or international transfers, and approval from the Sponsor Programs Administration (UIUC), Research and Sponsored Programs – Post-Award (UIS) or the Office of Sponsored Programs – Post Award (UIC) is required for equipment purchased with sponsored project funds.

The agreement is expected to be presented to union members this weekend and voted on the following Monday and Tuesday. “With these new agreements, we will continue to move forward together and serve our city and state as a public research university in Chicago,” UIC administrators said in a statement. Agreement on the use of de-identification data: Suitable for non-human or non-identifiable personal data. For unidentified data, IRB identification is required. For trial projects that use unique or specialized academic institutions and do not conduct original and creative research. The university does not claim ownership of the data or other results generated under this agreement and is not interested in respecting publication rights.